Welcome to Luke’s Party Barrels for Hire Perth, specialists in full wine barrels, half wine barrels, bar stools, pallet bars and other essentials for your special events in and around Perth City and beyond. 

Looking back to the beginning, owners Luke and Maki  wanted a wedding with a different look to the conventional table and white tablecloths for their own marriage. Both having extensive experiences in the hospitality industry agreed on hosting their wedding in their own backyard.

How they did it left their friends and guests talking about the rustic set up of the wedding for several months after the wedding. The idea to hire out wine barrels and other party accessories while creating a unique look for both internal and outdoor parties, weddings or general gatherings became ingrained in Luke and Maki’s brains. Luke’s Party Barrels for Hire Perth was born soon after.

Now over 10years since the humble beginnings, Luke’s Party Barrels for Hire continues to grow. Now it is not only the furniture hire but the flower arrangement and styling is corporated by “Flower and Barrel” which makes our business for one stop shop for the wedding and events. 

At Luke’s Party Barrels for Hire Perth our mission is to provide you the best alternative appearance for your event, be it your birthday, your wedding, a reunion with old mates or a weekend party. 

Meet the team

Western Australian Flair + Japanese Finesse = Luke’s Party Barrels Hire Perth.

Maki Evans

Maki has always loved interior decoration, flower arrangements, photography and anything beautiful. These are some of the simple things she just does every day when she gets an opportunity to help her relax and calm. Born in Kyoto, Japan, when Maki arrived in Perth, Western Australia in 2000, the event hire playing field was in for a fine touch.

Maki always gets excited whenever she helps to plan your party or events where she can accommodate what she likes and enjoy doing. Maki loves to be creative, especially with something rustic and vintage to mix up with what she already has. In general Maki transforms any sort of challenging setting into pretty cosy and quirky event from what simple pieces she can lay her hands on. In her home Maki doesn’t spend a lot on decorating nor buy new trend stuff, instead preferring to create things from whatever is available.

That is why when she decorates or arranges styling for Luke’s Party Barrels clients, guests will be talking about the event for some time long after.
Seeing Maki at work is amazing as she is always excited and love to create exotic and outstanding setting with her ideas. Flower arrangements is one of the things Maki feels she cannot stop when she starts . It’s truly love from her heart. Event styling and flower arrangements is simply Maki’s biggest passion.
Wouldn’t you want someone with a Passion to handle your next event!?

Luke Evans

Luke is the muscles behind Luke’s Party Barrel Hire Perth as he roams happily around Perth suburbs delivering or picking up wine barrels as needed.

Being the grandson of John Evans, the co-founder of Evans & Tate Wines, the well known and best selling Australian Whites it comes as no surprise that Luke loves to muck around with wine barrels!

As far as Luke can remember he has always been associated with farms, vineyards and all things wine-related, especially the wine barrels. Luke was more fascinated by the shape of the wine barrel than its contents. It was natural therefore for Luke to use wine barrels practically and as decorations for his special garden wedding with his beautiful bride, Maki. The barrel were instant winners, with many guests wanting some for their parties. Luke was not jealous that the barrels had “stolen” the limelight of his Special Day and this birthed the idea to start a Barrel Hire business “Luke’s Party Barrels”. Years later, because of demand, the hire range has expanded to include relevant rustic and vintage accessories such as benches, crates, bars and stools.

What more would you want? Let Maki and Luke take full responsibility for creating that special ambiance for your wedding, birthday, conference, christening, fundraiser etc… with their casual rustic, vintage or provincial style.


Rustic Wedding style incorporates rustic and natural elements, such as timber and metal that brings natural simplicity of country life and outdoors. 

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